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The magazine was fortunate to have the support of many early Co Western actors who filled in as “Express Riders”.

From the Archives

Some of the "Riders" made personal appearances at Events, Dances, Rodeo's, War Bond Sales Rally's during the WW II war years, Equestrian Events, Fund Raisers and Parades.  Some rode horses and others not.  To help promote the idea of the Original Riders of the Pony Express of the old West,  Spreading the Important News of the day. Some of the Musicians and Movie Actors, lent their names to the effort, without being active in Personal Appearances.  Their careers kept them too busy at times.  Others were known as Pony Express Riders, prior to their Movie careers making them famous.  They were all good friends of Rubye's and wished her well with the Magazine and Radio shows.  Many of them were featured in the Magazine over the years.

Pony Express Riders, that we do not currently have photos of are:  Jock Mahoney, Rex Allen Sr., Ken Curtis, Harry Carey Jr.

Mickey Finn

movie actor

Rider's name, unknown. An Actor, shown with Rubye presenting the Official News bag (1944)

Actor, Bill Boyd AKA Hopalong Cassidy and his horse.

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