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Rubye & The Covered Wagon Girls

The pages are now fading but Rubye’s personal scrap book is full of the memories of this All Girl Western Swing band band playing WWII War Bond events, entertaining troops at Sawtelle Veterans Hospital  & army camps.  

1946 was the first parade held at the end of WWII.  The band entered a horse drawn covered wagon.

Covered with Yellow Chrysanthemums and a "V" for Victory on the side.

Winning the coveted "Presidents Trophy", for the float that most closely depicted the Theme of that year.  

There were seats made all around the outside of the Wagon for the Band members to sit on.  Rubye sat up front with the team driver, with her 12 year old Daughter, Dolores standing behind them.  All of the Band members were in their traditional full long Covered Wagon costumes.  Rubye's only disaster was caused by flowers glued to the wagon seat back, her favorite costume had to cut away at the end.

The covered Wagon Girls entry in the parade is at about  3 min mark.